The 3 Biggest Leadership Mistakes People Make Today | Brian Tracy

As a leader, everything you do is carefully noted and affects the behavior of the people around you. Avoid these 3 leadership mistakes at all costs.

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49 Responses

  1. Iheb Bzd
    Very good video!!!
  2. Vernon Doucet
    I can't believe how I can watch these videos for free! All your videos give me true insights that comes from the heart. It keeps me motivated and focus on the right behaviours that relate to my job. I'm a client experience coach for the RBC Advice centre
  3. Rabbit Food Dude
    I highly recommend a book called 'extreme ownership'. Amazing book about leadership, personal responsibility etc. great video though!
  4. Hugueneau Fontus
    I have made them and thought somehow it would make things get better. Thank you for sharing Mr. Brian Tracy!
  5. Patrick Ruth
    This is absolutely true. I am a disgruntled employee. I have never held a leadership position, but I have had a tremendous career observing. When my wife became a supervisor in a coffee shop, she felt insecure about leading her team. She is a super hard worker. This is a plus as a worker, but it can be a negative for leaders. Super hard workers tend to do all the work and leave the team behind. (And let the other workers know about it.) If you are alone, you are not leading anyone. I told her to be clear about the mission and show she believes in it. I told her to appreciate her people openly, never put them down. And rather than tell them they did something wrong, show them how it can be done differently next time. Always encourage. <br /><br />When her team starts acting as if their job is not important, she points out that though their customers are movers and shakers, it is the experience they receive at the shop that sets the tone of the world. (Ever wonder why your Doctor is not really listening. Or utility workers block streets longer than necessary.) She looks great, feels great and the atmosphere of the shop, the customers and her people brighten while she is there. Production shoots up. <br /><br />As her shift ends and certain other supervisors arrive, I swear the lights dim, the air is sucked out of the room and some people start looking sick.<br /><br />Who can work without a mission, feeling unessential and unappreciated?
  6. Raymond Ulang
    thank Mr Brian Tracy Raymond here from the Philippines you made a big impact in our lives, we always listen to your audio and your coaching godbless you sir.
  7. EmPower Media Group
    listen to your inner leader voice not your fears
  8. lifemastery
    When you make others feel good it leads to reciprocity. If you want others to change the BEST way to do this is by being a good MODEL for them.
  9. TheGymGotMeLike Inc.
    It's <a href="">5:30</a>am and I love my daily dose of education from Mr. Tracy
  10. Jordan
    Please make more life advice videos /books for college on multiple subjects such as life, relationships, businesses. Mentorship videos
  11. Muditimum Mosu
    All I can say is Brian Tracy for president (of the world). There will be no separate party. All will learn to live amongst each other peacefully, constructively, and collectively looking towards the future, working and looking only for solutions, to make a people of individual thinkers, unifying as one. Thank you Brian for your sense of direction, dedication to teach a strong positive mind and belief system, to all.
  12. Sunsun Ray
    Brian tracy changed my life <3
  13. Peter Maina
    yes i have complained and i have the weakness
  14. rhoda mely
    Thank you Brian Tracy. Though I acquired some of the negative qualities when I grew up, you always put it clear how we can change our future by acting now!. I am glad I watched this. Thank you once more.
  15. Monica Sharma Josan
    Thanks Very much Brian for your suggestions and making them to the point easy to understand. This video was very useful for me to understand the qualities of good leaders.<br /><br />Thanks <br />Monica <br />Hyderabad , India
  16. Arya Wirawan
    great Topic, Leader are those who practice empathy, the ability to understand and share the feeling of others
  17. Karam Gill
    Thanks slowly but surely learning from you Mr Brian Tracy
  18. Sunday Adedokun
    Thank you Sir, I got the message.
  19. brighter future
    thanks so much
  20. Þorbjörn Unnar
    Hi Brian was in different jobs for over 26 years had both good and bad co--workers and executives but most of them were good had my own business too 21 years old I was a good boss.
  21. Diego Nuguid
    you looked good. much better and younger. is this video new or taken fee yrs back..anyway i admire u so much..thanks brian. Godbless u and good health.
  22. James Midnight
    Wonderful Brian
    Thank you Mr. Tracy. Great advice for leaders and aspiring leaders.
  24. Göran Sjöholm
  25. mwango lamick
    Thanks Mr Tracy for the wonderful advice and motivation advice.
  26. dgmoocher D r
    Thank you so much for sharing. I have violated them all! No more!
  27. Wu Richard
    Do you guys notice that these 3 advices are from the first chapter of "how to win friends and influence people" ?
  28. Sheila Rose
    Great video! I have recently taken a year off of my recent leadership position due to falling ill literally because my manager told me that I would never accomplish my dreams. I was so upset that his words were enough to make me incessantly cry everyday. I know his words are nothing compared to my capabilties- I know I can do this!
  29. Усмонова Шахноза
    hii, we are waiting for you in Samara 7 Jun
  30. Joseph Luxbacher
    I have worked in college athletics for many years, and I have had athletic directors who displayed all of the no-no's mentioned in your video
  31. M'y fun
    most of the learders i have worked for and i am 57 years old are more likely to press you as a lemon, pay you the least they can always complaining about the cost....the charges.....the taxes.....asking you to do more and more without being even conscious of the work you do and if they are conscious they don t care. They alwayx find people who sell themselves for they just don t care; saying that you earn the work , the job you deserve if you are an employee is NOT always the case and even most of the time the contrary .  Than k you for this video , a lot of so called leaders have no talent for relating properly to  their employee they should let other people with that very special skill do it....But once again they "tell" them the way to act and they do because they n eed the job......So creating our own business is may be one of the great solution to solve this problem. And also thank you to all the great leaders who accept to share as You mr tracy the real human values............look for more
  32. Sharif Sourour
    I think this is my favourite Brian Tracy video so far! & I've seen a lot... Because he is a leader. :D Sorry I couldn't help that last sentence.
  33. Maryann Hrichak
    Great video, Brian, thank you!! And YES to both your questions asked! Bosses that do not appreciate the hard work (mostly at the last minute - situations that are so unavoidable!!) of the staff. And I tend to complain when I'm hungry so have to watch that and eat more small meals ;) You give me much food for thought, thank you!
  34. tusingwire julius
    Brian you areal and agood teacher on this plannet,I love,I enjoy your videos again and gain,very intresting.Thank you for the books,be blessed day by day.
  35. Lesley Engelson
    I just left a job because my boss was terrible. Instead of talking with me about my job, as a salaried employee, he was only concerned about my hours, and lunch break. He didn't talk to me about my work, however, gave me a bad review for items that I did not even do. I left the company, and am now very happy. Thank you for your video.
  36. energyeternal
    These are nice recommendations!<br />Did anyone make a list of what Brian mentioned? <br />Thanks!
  37. Kismet
    I have run into plenty of negative leaders. 2 minutes into a meeting they go down that negative road. I look around and everyone has just tuned them out. Plus everyone's mind is now totally closed to any of the persons future solutions. I prefer to approach from a facts and solutions point of view. Problem solving is my best skill. :) Another great video, thanks!
  38. jim vercoe
    My current boss is exactly like this and as a result there is this heavy cloud thats rests upon the shoulders of everyone, and it has has become this most exhausting work place ever, tho the customers see how great the store is presented and love the place, its the staff that are not happy. Very sad to see, i have strong visions for the company but as of now nothing i can do but put my head down and work lol.
  39. Silas Ajimijaye
    I thought I was trying to help by criticizing especially after I have corrected someone once or twice... now I have to be more creative and seek for solutions... thanks Elder Brian Tracy
  40. Solomon Munochekwa
    Thanks Brian. I would like to watch more from you and become better and better. I am always learning a lot of skills from you.
  41. Amazing Life
    "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." ..................Thanks sir
  42. Daisy
    Embarrassingly I have some these negative qualities as a leader and I got it from my mom. I really hope I can correct my behavior.
  43. C. Fuller
    subscribe to my channel i subscribed to yours
  44. Mayur Panghaal
    Steve jobs was the exact opposite.You could lose your job if you ran into him in the company elevator and weren't able to answer his question.
  45. Jithesh SU
    If someone asks me, who has made the biggest impact in your life in a very positive way. Only one person comes to my mind, that's Mr.Brian Tracy. You have no idea how much I reprogrammed my life watching your videos. Thank you so much, Sir.
  46. Josiane Freitas
    The best person ever! Wish he were the president!
  47. Kia N
    In fact, I am having a boss right now who is doing exactly all these three mistakes and she wanders why no one wants to work with her :-D there are big lessons for me here. Thanks Brian. I will not do any of these mistakes in the future, at least consciously
  48. Cristina Morel
    I do have a boss that is the most negative person I've ever met 😩 he makes this three things, it's hard for me but thanks to your advices I can try not to follow his negativity. I love you mr Tracy! God bless you!
  49. Zlipster Royals
    Bringing the problem to the table with someone who is less than smart? And not doing so again and again which looks like complaining! How to address this clearly the first time?