Simon Sinek: What is Leadership? | “Glenn Beck Program”

Simon Sinek explains what it means to be a good leader and the importance of service.

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17 Responses

  1. June Davidson PhD
    I love Simon!!
  2. Transcend Movement
    Conservatism needs to drop religion if it's going to win future elections.... (opinion)
  3. Joey E
    Leadership is not a rank to attain, it's a responsibility.
  4. Jaron Rice
    I love Simon Sinek. This was absolutely fantastic.
  5. Sean Seaphan
    no, my religion said it first and that's what matters.
  6. mynameismag1
    A bit confused here ! According to his book, Leaders eat last, but here he's saying leaders eat first ( <a href="">3:25</a> )
  7. Cedric Jones
    Glenn,... we've shared time with a man that truly displayed tremendous leadership. Praise God for referencing King Jesus and his example of Mary. Amen!!!!
  8. Comliance
    The secret of leadership is the answer to only one question:<br />"What a man or women I have to be in the eyes of the others that the great majority (>80%) would make a free choice to spend credit on me to be their leader?"<br />Be aware that the last <20% are your real competitors. Deal with everyone of them like you would do with your successor.<br />And to become a real leader you have to overcome or better to defeat your own fear and/or weakness to ask yourself this question first! Especially if you are already a so called but unhappy "leader" and/or without success ;-)
  9. Fleurival Max
    Lecture them Simon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Woon Chin Yeong
    "Because of your position, you got the ceramic cup. But in reality, you only deserve the styrofoam cup for your morning coffee."<br /><br />Very deep leadership quote/thought!
  11. Rosemarie Rosete
    S. Sinek is a great leadership teacher.. .but what is really neat is that he is such a terrific public speaker.
  12. ArmaEditor
    Having just finished Simon's "Leaders Eat Last" book, I felt like this was almost a perfect summary of his book.  He almost retold parts of his book verbatim  
  13. kyle brennings
    <a href="">5:45</a>
  14. William Taylor
    Simon Sinek is intellectually superior to Glenn Beck. 
  15. RetroTronic
    A lot of the videos of interviews seem to cut off mid sentence
  16. D.R. Whitson
    Servant Leadership. , always the only way.
  17. BaileysBeads
    Glenn Beck suddenly starting quality content is extremely confusing.