James Kallstrom ‘Glad’ Comey Was Fired: ‘Time For New Leadership’

Former FBI assistant director James Kallstrom weighs in on 'The Story with Martha MacCallum'.
The Story with Martha MacCallum
Fox News

4 Responses

  1. just in
    What's going on?I feel the democrats are using the allensky tactic of disinformation pushing this false Russian narrative as hard and far as they can. I think their scared, and should be.They have much to answer for.<br /> Middle class America has stood up and taken a stand. We will never give up our GOD, HIS ten commandants and laws per, the Bible, or the precepts within the maga charter from which our founding fathers formed our constitution.We will never give up American sovereignty and our right to self determination as a independent and free people, or our guns.We refuse to be put under the yoke of the false new world order or the agenda 21,or 30 or any other agenda pushed by the UN which countermands our sovereign laws.<br /> GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP, GOD BLESS THE United States OF AMERICA. Praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST, more then a GOD,a savior also and worthy of our praise.
  2. Dan Reidy
    McCallum is such a vacuous dumbass
  3. Terry Brady
    Another swamp dweller goes down the drain.
  4. Frédéric Bastiat
    Comey is lucky...if a Clinton was President, he'd be sleeping with the fishes :)