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If you're going through some tough times let this video give you the motivation to keep going. Often things have to become worse before they can get better.Remember to always keep your dream insight because if you keep pushing will make it. YOU WILL WIN!

Expect more and bigger things to come from this channel! We'd love to hear from you in the comments.

Interstellar Main Theme - Extra Extented - Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

Coach Jae
T.D. Bishop Jakes


Crossfit Symphony:

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  1. RedFrost Motivation
    Thank you for your amazing comments. They fuel us to keep making more of these. It really means the world to us <3 - RedFrost <br /><br />If you're looking for more motivation, you can check out our latest motivational video here: <a href=""></a>
  2. Eddymr12
  3. Abhishek Sankar
    WOW, Just wow, that video raised my emote from 0 to 5000 in just 3 minutes...appreciate the effort taken@RedFrost
  4. M B
    best video ever!!!
  5. • Jessica •
    I clicked on this video because I saw Will Smith! Then I noticed that it says "You WILL win" 😂 What a good combination
  6. Nishant
    I loved the last few lines... I don't want to waste my coming hours and my upcoming years... I have the opportunity 😇
  7. Sherwood Spencer
    Yo! I'll teach you how to actually make money online. Search on Google for: moneydude699
  8. Pradip kumar gupta
    It had shown the real meaning of progress fantastic video
  9. Ryan Newell
    Anybody know who the preacher is ? I want to want his video at source/
  10. vikas kumar
    Nice content, "Mind Power and Tips" is an android app which contains very useful and motivating content like this.
  11. Pepi Kokab
    How can I just get the voice of this without the music?
  12. NinjightNationCorp
    Believe, Believe, Believe! And you WILL achieve.
  13. Android Capture
    Wow the comments section in this video is all positive ☺️<br />Humanity is still there
  14. 1269Hammerhead
    the video ended with the whole "somebody in the hospital BEGGING GOD"... SO EPIC!!!
  15. Jeanette Harvey
    i wont anymore......
  16. Tim Pritchard
    Really motivational!
  17. Pedro Muarramuassa
    Special congratulaton! Another amazing work. this one is already on my playlist called motivation.<br />thank you
  18. Sumit Jaiswal
    need to know the names of movies in this clip ...... pls
  19. smithiWerben
    I always listen to this when i am on the potty and cant do the popo.
  20. Dr Dentist
    This year yes I will its now or never thing.
  21. Chris Frazier Spirit & Soul Enterprise L.L.C
    Keep the <a href="">#brainfood</a> coming. If you ever need some music let me know
    Why the fuck are you scrolling down this comments,get up from that couch and show the world what you are made of!Now is your time Baby!
  23. anoynamous Cool!!!
    This motivated to move up and get my ice cream from the freezer.Thank you🙌respect
  24. Angie Sweet Collins
  25. maa Hàá
    when I feel so sad and failure I just watch this beautiful vedio I change my idea totally about this life and I was really motivated to start a new life with happiness and positive power
  26. Angie Sweet Collins
  27. VG_bayar18
    If you really wanna change. right after this video, Get up and do what you want, live your life. i have the misfortune to be born in Iraq and had to travel my whole life from country to country. But that will not stop me, in my run to this point, i have learned 6 languages at the age of 18. i was feeling like life was unfair to me, but thank god i found these videos. It gave me the motivation my parents didn't do. I am so thankfull to Redfrost Motivation. Thanks a ton
  28. Andrew murphy
    Where is that TD Jakes passage about the new year from?
  29. raed alasmari
    I wish a good life for everyone,<br /> for me I hope only to do a good thing for the poor people in some of african countries
  30. raed alasmari
    live your life,<br />make your future,<br /><br /> and don't make the losers and useless people as a friends
  31. harsh sharma
    that interstellar soundtrack gave me chills..
  32. boredreiver
    Is the full version of the speech about new year at the end of this on YouTube.
  33. Paul Garcia
    Alright hold on... What if you don't know what your dream is?
  34. ExTreme
  35. on2purpose
    We all in this together people! Let's GO!
  36. JeSsIcA Schmidt
    <a href="">1:53</a> to <a href="">2:20</a> really sends it home for me! <3
  37. K0T
    Perfect timing with music, speech and screen, perfect beginning and finishing. I don't know why really, but still, after almost 2 years, this one is the best motivational video for me...
  38. 5uper 5ubscriber
    Look into failing as a learning lesson or experience and you will never fail again.
  39. Subedi Unknown
    hey <a href="">1:43</a> what movie is that
  40. abedal .karem
    if I lose this year I will lose all my life .. how fool I am 😕.... okay IN THE NAME of ALLAH. . let's start again. . give it try .. بسم الله
  41. TheUltimateSEGAman
    Okay How the fuck did I even get here? This has nothing to do with SEGA what so ever.
  42. Sheela Grant
    Thanks for this! Peace!
  43. George Nikola
    Oh no i will not because everything is exhusting me i can not push the whole world
  44. nadda
    Me:*watches the video * <br />Me: i have to study and be positive <br />Me an hour later:*scrolling through instagram*
  45. nadda
    Me:*watches the video * <br />Me: i have to study and be positive <br />Me an hour later:*scrolling through instagram*
  46. منا منز
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