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Zack Hemsey - Evolution

Eric Thomas
Kevin Garnett
Kobe Bryant
Coach Jae
Ray Lewis
Allen Iverson
Gregg Plitt

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20 Responses

  1. Miles Emanuel Paavola
    Thanks for sharing.
  2. WhateverItTakesMotivation
    REALLY AWESOME work!!!!! this is my first time seeing this Lol. Wished it was longer. LOVED IT!
  3. Armani Giles
    <a href="">0:58</a><br />Reporter: I'm stilling waiting for a big smile. Your up 2-0. What's the story? Your not happy or only half happy<br />Kobe: What there to be happy about?<br />Reporter: Your up 2-0<br />Kobe: The job is not finish. Is job finish?.... I don't think so<br /><br />KOBE is a BEAST!!!
  4. lemuel mobley
    no way Kobe was a harder worker than Mike... that's crazy...
  5. SnowyTheGam3r
    guys, people aren't born with skill it's developed by hard work 😑. (facepalm)
  6. Dhruv Patel
  7. justinverburg
    AMAZING video (except last 25 seconds where it says there is no purpose to life...God has a purpose for each and every one of us. Once you learn what His will is for you, go after it with all you have. Jesus will give you the victory as you trust in His life working thru you. He's faithful!)
  8. iVan 1
    I'm a Kobe fan and I know FOR A FACT that Kobe is a harder worker than Michael Jordan. Phil Jackson coached the 2 greatest and said that Kobe is a harder worker. The thing is Michael Jordan is just more gifted and athletic than Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan is just good and just practiced to perfect, but Kobe practiced to BE perfect by perfecting the GOATs skills. Just my thoughts, mj is still goat but Kobe is #2.
  9. gman
    <a href="">1:00</a> lol
  10. Isaiah
    <a href="">1:57</a> who is this
  11. 蘇建勇 Nick SuJianYong
  12. ForeverFlame88
    It's far harder to continue to fight and continue going thru gain by going thru pain than just giving up, which is, if you think about... easier at first but FAR HARDER on yourself in the long run.
  13. Jan Urbanski
    Daily motivational & inspirational photos and quotes.<br /><br /><a href=""></a><br /><br />Follow me on Facebook !<br /><br />Cheers !
  14. Chris Sorreta
    No excuses!!
  15. Kir96mao
    Pure Motivation!!!
  16. Dhairya Batish
    Good Job man!!!!!!!
  17. SkyrimsDragon
    I find that kobe is more of a hard worker than mj but mj has more skill
  18. shaddy hamed
    <a href=""></a> best motivation/inspiration talk, like ever! have a look :) stob being controlled!
  19. I am just a peple I
    I ilke kobe
  20. Tim McKyer
    Keep making video's man love what you are doing !